Aamaal for the month of Rajab


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Regular Aamal & Dua’a |     Pdf / E-Reader format

1st night/day Aamal /Prayer | Ziarat of Imam Husain (as) Birth of Imam Mohammad Baqir(as)

    Daily recitation after Fajr/Maghrib prayers – “Ya Man arjuhu” with commentary

First Thursday (night) ~ Lailatul Raghaib

 Rajab Duas from Sahifa Mehdi(atfs):-No1 / No2 / No3

3rd -Martyrdom Imam Ali Naqi (as)| Ziarat|  Mp3

Special Ziarat in Rajab – when visiting any of the sacred places /tombs of Ahlulbayt(as) from Sahifa Mahdi (atfs)new

10th Rajab – Birth of Imam Al Jawad |ZiaratMp3

A’amal that are beneficial on or after death 22,24 Rajab

13th Rajab – Birth of Imam Ali (as) | Ziarats

A’amal for 13,14,15th  |15 Rajab-Spl Ziarat Imam Hussainnew

15th – Death- Lady Zainub (sa)|Ziarat –Mp315 Rajab Amal

A’amal e Umme Dawood 15th

25th-Martyrdom- Imam Musa alKazim(as)|Ziarat |Mp3

Special Ziarat of Imam Ali ibn Moosa Ridha(as) for Rajab

26th-Death- Hazrat Abu Talib(as)  |Ziarat

  English Transliteration ‘Word’ file for use in phone

27th Rajab-Be’sat/ Meraj A’amal & Dua’a | Ziarat

Self Assessment form

Last Rajab  Day A’amal
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