Regular Sala’at Prayers / Duas    is updated on and can be very useful to all Momineen.

It has the links to all the duas for all days/times/occasions

Most of them are also available in Pdf format which can be saved on Mobiles /PC & does not required font installation etc


Dua at Wudhu, Adhaan & During Salaat

Dua while performing ‘Wudhu‘   Pdf

Dua’a after Adhaan /’before’ Salaat   Pdf

Recommended Recitations ‘During’ Salaat   Pdf

Taqeeb/Dua ‘After’ each Obligatory Salaat

Fajr  |  Fajr Pdf  |   Dua Sabah –Pdf

Z’uhr & Asr    |     Zuhr pdf |  Asr pdf

Magrib & Isha |  Magrib Pdf  | Isha Pdf

General /Common Taqibaat  | Pdf

Sajda shukr- Thanksgiving prostration  |  Pdf

Ziaraat after Salaat

Day of Week

Friday   | Pdf

Saturday  | Pdf

Sunday |  pdf

Monday  | Pdf

Tuesday  | Pdf

Wednesday | Pdf

Thursday  | Pdf

Time of Day’ From Baqiyatus Salah

Duas for Morning & Evening ,Sunrise

Sunset Duas |pdf

Duas for Each Hour / Gen every day   pdf

Recommended Recitations ‘During’ Salaat   Pdf

Islamic ‘Months’ -Special Duas & Aamal



Rabii-ul-Awal Akher

Jamdi-ul-Awal / Akher







Special ‘Regular’ Salats 

Tahajjud (Salat ul Lail) Night Prayer  

Salaat of Ja’far-e-Tayyar

Ghufaylah after Magrib

Mustahab / Nafilah /Other Salaat

Sala’at of Masoomeen

Daily Program for a believer

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